What Nightmares Are Made Of…(What I Found In The Garage)

What Nightmares Are Made OfA 70’s renovation wouldn’t be complete without a few surprises, right?

Ross and I made one last trip to the new house on Sunday to check on drywall work and drop off materials in the dumpster. While Ross unloaded the truck, I went through the front gates to unlock the house.

Front door

I had not been in the house at night. It was interesting – and eerie – to see the walkway and courtyard in complete darkness. I have a vivid imagination so I was NOT loving the shadows bouncing around in the moonlight.

Yeah, and these statues that give character to our Spanish fort during the day?


They morph into what nightmares are made of in the dark. (We’ve already bought market lights to hang all around the space at night!)

As soon as I entered through the main gate, I ran to the garage door to turn on the lights. The detached garage has a door that you can enter through to the right of the main entrance.


I unlocked the garage door as fast as possible and threw my hand up to where I remembered the light switch being located.

To my horror, my hand grazed something BIG and FUZZY.

It was either a big-foot-type-monster or a tarantula spider the size of a cantaloupe. There was absolutely NO other explanations that would describe what I felt in that dark garage.

Every bone in my body wanted me to light a match and throw it over my shoulder to burn the house down as I ran far, far away.

But being the mature adult that I am, I caught my breathe and attempted to flick the light switch one. more. time.

(This is the part in the story where everyone stops me and says, “Why did you reach in again?!”, “Why didn’t you get Ross – or at least a flashlight?!”, “What were you thinking, you crazy person?” All I can say, is you never know what you’re going to do in a life or death situation. Apparently, I’m the kind of person that just does what needs to be done.)

So, I reached my hand in slowly and felt the plastic the tip of the light switch. I flicked it on and jumped to the side. This is what I saw.

Velvet light switch

A black VELVET light switch cover!  

I should have expected nothing less from my 70’s home!


Just take a minute and think about what it would feel like to run your hand along 40-year-old black velvet in the dark. Close your eyes and really imagine it. Creepy, right?

To add to the strangeness of the situation, Ross and I NEVER noticed that black velvet outlet cover until that night. I even went back and looked at a picture of the garage on closing day to make sure the velvet cover was in the house the whole time. And it was.

Garage new

No tarantula. No big foot. Just velvet. 🙂

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in a new-to-you home?


  1. Laurie Gates says:

    That is hilarious!

  2. Rhonda White says:

    OMG! I was literally on the edge of my seat! Holy cow! Lol!

  3. Michelle Dessler says:

    This is a hilarious story! My brain never would’ve thought ‘oh, maybe it’s just a velvet switch cover’.

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