Before: My Groovy 70’s Kitchen


I told you about my “new” kitchen last week in this post.

Today, I want to share more details of my 70’s kitchen so you can appreciate what my kitchen will look like in 4 to 6 weeks. 🙂

In this first picture below, you can see the wall of cabinets and bars that created a nice prison, um, I mean private space between the kitchen and central family room.

Kitchen before pictures

Our top priority was to get rid of the separation between rooms to open up the fireplace view from the kitchen. Won’t it be nice to have one large center room for entertaining?


Opening up the cabinets will let some much needed light pour into the kitchen. I also picked out a linen colored cabinet and light countertop to brighten up the space. Here is a picture of the dark, confined kitchen from another angle.

Kitchen before pictures

Anther big issue with the original 70’s kitchen was the huge built-in desk with a broken radio and intercom system. I will NOT be writing my blog from this small desk next to the fridge. Replacing this system with cabinets and counter space will make the kitchen much more functional.

Kitchen 7

Before completely demolishing the kitchen, I wanted to capture images of materials that I may only see again on an episode of Mad Men. The first picture features the beautiful wood paneling. Next, you can see how the inside of every cabinet was painted bright yellow. On the lower left, I snapped a picture of the grasscloth wallpaper in a floral pattern and last, but not least, I captured the faux brick back splash.
Kitchen materials

I also documented the original electrical outlet covers and light fixtures.

Kitchen Fixtures

Almost ever single outlet and light switch throughout the ENTIRE house featured a Spanish-style scroll design. The fixtures remind me of an explorer’s lost map. I have to give the original homeowners major credit to committing to a theme and sticking with it.  I totally get it – the Spanish conquistador on the front wall hid treasure maps on the electrical covers. Now, I’m just looking for the hidden treasure. 🙂

Ponce De Leon

The previous owners, who were also the original owners of the home, spent decades preserving the home’s original elements. So, let’s take a moment and reflect on all that 70’s goodness.

Okay, are you ready to move into the future?

Here we go…

Kitchen after

We started demolition on the day of closing, but the real renovation began on June 1. Now we’re on day 6 and here is a glimpse of what the kitchen looks like.

Kitchen redo

Ta-da! Quite different, right?! All of the cabinets are gone along with the drop ceiling. Also, my awesome Father-in-law spent the hot, humid weekend re-wiring my entire kitchen and adding overhead LED can lights to update the space. They look beautiful and are going to be a huge improvement over the original lighting system.

Here are some side-by-side pictures of the space before and after the first week of demo.

Picture 1: Goodbye cabinets, stove, dishwasher and microwaves.

Before and After Demo

Picture 2: Goodbye old fridge and built in intercom/desk system.

Before and After Demo

Picture 3: Here is a before/after kitchen picture from the same angle.

Before and After

Below is all that is left from my 70’s kitchen – an almost-full professional construction dumpster! dumpster

What do you think? Are you excited to see the final result?

POST UPDATE: The renovation is DONE. Check out the Big Kitchen Reveal here!

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