How To Grow Jalapenos (Zone 9 – Central Florida)

Do you like spicy food? If so, jalapenos are a MUST in your garden! I’m a hot food wimp, but my husband judges how good a food tastes based on how spicy it is. I always joke that as long as I cut up a fresh jalapeno and sprinkle it on his plate – seeds and all […]

How To Grow Kale (Zone 9 – Central Florida)

Kale is so hot right now. Remember when I said I adore spinach? Well, Farmer Ross (my husband) loves kale. Don’t even bother giving that man a salad that doesn’t involve kale or you’ll hear him moan and groan his way through dinner. He even claims that kale is the only vegetable that makes him feel […]

How To Grow Spinach (Zone 9 – Central Florida)

I adore spinach. It’s my favorite green out of all the greens in the garden. (But, shhh, don’t tell my other plants.) The mild taste of spinach makes feeding dark leafy greens to kids in the form of smoothies or pancakes impossibly easy. Plus, I’m obsessed with any salad that features the trifecta of spinach, feta […]

My Experience Growing Cauliflower (Central Florida – Zone 9)

Cauliflower won the “best in show” award for my winter garden. With its waist-high green leaves, it looked like a plant that belonged under the sea – not in the backyard of my Central Florida home! I almost wrote the cauliflower off as a bust, like our pumpkin-less vine, until a nice cold snap in […]

How To Grow Basil (Zone 9 – Central Florida)

There’s something about basil that makes even plain ol’ Spaghetti taste gourmet. If you’re a beginner gardener like me, I strongly suggest adding this herb to your “must-plant” list because it’s easy to grow and delicious to eat. Plus, it smells divine in the garden. (I wish you could scratch and sniff my picture above. Mmm.) It’s so simple that I’m convinced that anyone can do it. Yes, I’m even looking at you – […]

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes (Central Florida – Zone 9)

Growing sweet potatoes was the highlight of my fall garden! They were the easiest plant to grow – yes, even easier than as radishes and mixed greens – and they produced TONS of root vegetables to eat. I have another batch of sweet potatoes growing right now and I plan on continuing sweet potatoes until they won’t grow anymore. How […]

How to Grow Corn (Central Florida – Zone 9)

This article contains affiliate links. What’s a farm without some corn? I would never have jumped into gardening with a full-blown corn row, but farmer Ross, my husband, had other plans. Similar to when he ran a 30K (18.6 miles) without training, he decided his first crop in our garden would be corn. 🙂 This crop was definitely not as easy to grow as […]

Growing Radishes (Central Florida – Zone 9)

If you are looking for a quick, simple vegetable to jump-start your garden – look no more! Radishes are very simple to grow and take no time to produce beautiful root vegetables. We are harvesting our second full round of radishes…and we only started planting them in late September. (That should tell you how quick and easy these […]

Growing Mixed Greens (Central Florida – Zone 9)

Greens have been a staple in our grocery budget week after week, year after year…until now – because we grow our own! Growing mixed greens has been one of the most rewarding crops thus far because they’re beautifully lush, extremely easy to grow and can be eaten daily in dozens of different salad combinations. In fact, I want to double […]