How To Grow Jalapenos (Zone 9 – Central Florida)


Do you like spicy food? If so, jalapenos are a MUST in your garden!

I’m a hot food wimp, but my husband judges how good a food tastes based on how spicy it is. I always joke that as long as I cut up a fresh jalapeno and sprinkle it on his plate – seeds and all – he’ll eat my food. 🙂

How To Grow Jalapenos

What seeds did I use?

I used Seeds of Change organic jalapeno pepper seeds.

How did I plant the seeds?

Jalapenos were some of the first seeds I planted in egg carton starters. When my plants were about three inches tall, I transplanted them into my raised garden bed.


Unfortunately, I planted them next to my tomatoes. (See picture below. Yes, they survived under there!) It wasn’t until I significantly cut back my tomato plants that my jalapenos had the sun and breathing room to bloom.

Wild Tomatoes

How long did it take from seed to salad bowl?

The seed packet says that the jalapenos should be ready to harvest after 70 days. Once flowers on my jalapeno plant blossomed, it only took several weeks to grow beautiful fruit.


How do you harvest jalapenos?

You can harvest them one at a time whenever they reach several inches in length. The longer that the jalapenos stay on the plant, the spicier they will become. I left all the fruit on the plant for safe keeping and harvested one at a time as needed.

Also, did you know that if you let jalapenos stay on the plant, they turn red?! I had no idea. The fruit are perfectly fine to eat when they are red. Commercial jalapeno growers pick the fruit before they change colors so you’ll never find red jalapenos in the store.


How do you prepare jalapenos to eat?

First, I wash my hand-picked jalapenos well. Next, make sure to be careful when cutting up jalapenos. Sometimes the jalapenos can be so hot that they will make your fingers sting by touching the cut fruit. I suggest wearing gloves if you’re going to be cutting up fruit that has been on the plant for a while.

Another tip about jalapenos is that the heat is in the seeds. If you want the taste without all the spice, go ahead and remove the seeds inside before eating.


My husband eats jalapenos on any and everything – especially pizza!


Jane’s Jalapeno Review

Gardening skill level: Easy

Seeds: Seeds of Change, Organic Jalapeno Pepper

Garden soil: Mushroom dirt mixture

Pest control: Neem oil spray

Seed to salad bowl (growth): 3 months

Washing: Soak in cold water

Do you have a favorite recipe that uses jalapenos? Leave it in the comments below. 🙂

Jalapenos growing

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  1. Awesome article about how to grow jelapenos, Thanks a lot for sharing. It is exactly what I need to know. I hope that you will write an article about harvesting 😀

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