My Favorite (ORGANIC + FRUGAL) Eye Makeup Remover


Something big happened six months ago: I turned 30.

After entering the new decade, I decided to make some serious health and beauty resolutions. After all, I’m not a carefree 20-something anymore. 🙂 One big goal was to take off my makeup every single night. No excuses. No judgment please, but I’ve never been consistent about putting on or taking off makeup. Some days, I’ll put on a “whole face” and other days, I’ll show up to work without a lick of anything on my skin – not even moisturizer. Plus, I’m so tired by the end of each day, I hardly remember to remove my contacts. So I set out for a quick, easy routine to go to bed with a clean face.

Instead of store-bought eye makeup remover that can be pricy, full of questionable ingredients and can’t be found at Aldi, I took to the internet and came across a simple solution: coconut oil.

Eye makeup remover

I was hooked after the first try! Not only does the coconut oil remove the makeup with little effort, it provides a nice moisturizer for delicate skin. Best of all Aldi carries organic 100% coconut oil for 5.99 in their baking aisle.

To apply, I dab the tip of a washcloth in the coconut oil and wipe lightly across my closed eyelid. A little coconut oil goes a LONG way, so please use sparingly. I’ve been using this jar since April and haven’t made a dent, as you can see below. At the rate I’m going, it may take me years until I need to purchase more.

Coconut Oil


After: (I only removed the makeup from my right eye…)

Just a light wipe or two and ALL your eye makeup – liner, mascara and eye shadow – will come right off. Take a look at the aftermath on the washcloth:

Makeup off

You can also use cotton balls for removal if you don’t want to create a rag to wash.

Dirty washcloth

Amazing! Don’t you agree?


  1. Rhonda White says:

    I’m definitely trying this tonight! I hate using chemicals on my face especially! I can even let my daughter apply it to her face and it won’t harm her. Even at 5 she wants to do big girl things lol

    • Yes, it is AMAZING. I’ll never go back to the chemicals and I’ll definitely be teaching my daughter this trick too. 🙂

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