Week 1: Renovation Report

Week One Renovation Report

Whew! It’s been a wild week.

After closing on our old house and buying our new house, my family came down to visit. It was great to see everyone and take a much needed mental break from all the selling and buying and packing and moving.

On June 1, we jumped back into reality and rolled up our sleeves. Our check list for the first week was very aggressive. It included:

  • Remove all kitchen cabinets and appliances
  • Order (and fill) a construction dumpster
  • Remove all tack strip in the house
  • Remove kitchen drop ceiling
  • Remove wood paneling
  • Add overhead can lighting in the kitchen  (as well as checking all kitchen wiring)
  • Pick out cabinets
  • Pick out flooring
  • Schedule drywall repair

By June 7, we finished everything on our list…plus some. I know we aren’t going to hit every goal each week, but Ross and I (and his family) worked hard to get the basic demolition completed so we could start on the fun part – the redesign and reconstruction.

We were far enough along to have our cabinet representative come out to the house and draw up the new layout before submitting an official cabinet order. It was fun to see the design drawn on the floor of our new space. The new layout is going to rock!


One of the biggest – and most labor intensive – improvements this week was the drop ceiling removal and overhead lighting updates. Below is a before and after of the space.

Kitchen ceiling

We filled up an entire dumpster with the demolition of the kitchen!


Another project that I personally tackled was painting my daughter’s bedroom purple. The previous owner painted everything in the house a neutral toasted almond color, which we’ll be keeping in most rooms. But to help my kids feel at home in the new house, I asked them to pick out their own bedroom color. My daughter and son requested the SAME colors as their rooms in the old house. What can I say, they’re creatures of habit.

Daughter room

So, I know you’re wondering if we came across any unexpected problems or budget-busting issues. Since we’re digging into the bones of a 39-year-old house, we knew that we would find some issues. After all, Ross works in construction and I’ve watched plenty of HGTV. 🙂

First, as we lowered an upper cabinet from the wall, one single acorn dropped to the floor. Just one acorn, but it was still a huge red flag that humans weren’t the only creatures storing their food in that kitchen!

After removing the drop ceiling, Ross found some evidence of a squirrel nest in the ceiling insulation and a missing cover on the microwave roof vent that would have allowed easy access for a nut-loving friend to enter and exit the house. Needless to say, we’re happy to take care of this problem BEFORE moving in.

While in the attic, my husband also found out that the house had NO cable wires. We do not pay for cable, but even the awesome antenna that we use for clear broadcast stations uses cable connections. Plus, if we ever do decide to upgrade to cable, getting back into the attic without the removed ceiling would be a pain. So we ordered hundreds of feet of cable wire through a fantastic deal on amazon.com and Ross is going to handle the wiring before finishing off the ceiling.

Cable wire

Week one is officially in the books with a total kitchen demolition, painting, wiring and more. Now, on to week two. 🙂

If you’re interested in more posts about our new house, check out my first post “We Bought A Fixer Upper” or “Before: My 70’s Kitchen.”

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